OOLABE is all about sustainability! Our accepted items list is longer than a giraffe's neck. No brand discrimination here, we take all clothing, toys, books, and more for the kiddos in your life. Check out our consignment guidelines for the 411!

All pre-loved maternity items welcome! They were only worn for a hot minute.

All the cool stuff with OOLABE is carefully chosen for mega sales potential. Fabrics get a luxurious spin cycle, while everything else gets a deep clean and tune-up.

Our consignment model is simple by design. We price all items competitively and make investmetns in cleaning and repair. Once an items sells we split the procees 50/50 except for furniture for which the consigner makes 60%. We do not retire items until 2 seasons have passed. We conduct periodic sales. However, unlike our competitors we do not systematically reduce the price of your items unless you ask us to. For more details, please read our Terms and Policy Documents in the Footer.

OOLABE wants you to snag the perfect find with our search functions by name, similar words, categories, previously viewed, and more!

Our top-notch software is like a secret agent for your personal info. No leaks, no spills! Your email and personal details are under lock and key!

In-store credit only, we crave real-life visits, don't hide behind a screen!


Our Mom is a serial entrepreneur. From the beginning of time she has created and managed businesses. Some were very serious and others not so much. One thing for sure she has always loved thrift, vintage, consignment, and items with a history. So OOLABE was born - to provide me and my brother a platform for independent work but just as important -- to ensure we are doing our part for the planet and the next generation's future.. Our name OOLABE was formed using the first letter of each grandkid's name. It doesn't get more real than that! Thank you, Mom!

Alexandra Robertson, Co-Founder

Consignment Steps

Establish a routine

Our top-notch sellers have a spot and system for gathering unwanted items. Keep things fresh with climate control, as stuff can get stale quick. Don't forget to wash items with scent-free detergent before stashing.

Not Everything Can be Consigned

Organize items by best potential. Explore upcycling options. Unsalvageable fabric can be sent to online recycling groups. Lastly, donate or consign following the OOLABE list.

Accepted Items

Gently Used Maternity & Nursery Items

Gently Used Infant Necessities

Nursery & Toddler Furniture

Books, Puzzles, Games, Toys (all pieces please)

Modern Themed Linens & Decor

Gently Worn Infant, Toddler, Tween, Teen, Clothing & Shoes

Items We Don't Accept

Properly dispose of all personal hygiene and breastfeeding items, potty training is not our thing, car seats have too many regulations, big kid size 4+ shoes are challenging to sell, older items, out-of-fashion digs (prime for upcycling), or incomplete pieces.

Don't Wait to Join the Circular Movement

At 642 current consigners and adding more daily, we have a diverse selection of gently used and new items.

Accepting new consigners and items on Wednesday and Saturday. Hope to see you soon!

Effortless Resale: Streamlining the Consignment Process

Welcome to OOLABE, where we make consigning gently used baby and kids gear, clothes, books, games, toys, and puzzles a breeze! We believe in giving new life to pre-loved items, because let's face it, kids grow faster than a cheetah on roller skates (which is pretty fast, by the way).
At OOLABE, we understand that parenting can be a wild ride, filled with surprises and unexpected expenses. That's why we're here to help you save some moolah (that's money, in case you were wondering) while still providing your little ones with top-notch goodies.
When it comes to consigning with us, it's as easy as ABC (or should we say, as easy as 123?). Simply gather up your gently used baby and kids gear, clothes, books, games, and puzzles that are in great condition (no funky smells or missing puzzle pieces, please) and bring them to our store. Our friendly team will assess the items and determine their resale value.
Once your items are accepted, they'll be displayed in our store, ready to find a new home with another family. It's like giving your items a second chance at happiness, just like when you find a dollar bill in your pocket that you forgot about (score!).
OOLABE is a traditional consignment model in which payment is made to consigners when an item sells. We do not purchase items up front.
Now, here's the exciting part: when your items sell, you'll earn some cold hard cash (or store credit, if you prefer). It's like getting a little reward for being an eco-friendly, money-saving superstar. Cha-ching!
But wait, there's more! (We always wanted to say that.) If you're not in the mood for cash or store credit, you can choose to donate the proceeds from your sold items to a local charity. It's a win-win situation: you declutter your home, make some money (or do some good), and help out a worthy cause. Talk about spreading the love!
So, whether you're a parent who wants to declutter and make some extra cash, or a savvy shopper looking for affordable baby and kids gear, clothes, books, games, and puzzles, OOLABE is the place to be. Come on down and join our consignment family today!

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